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Alberta CrossArtist info More than clever verses and catchy choruses, truly timeless albums offer listeners the keys to another world; they catapult you into another frame of mind and jostle your soul a little bit along the way. Broken Side of Time, Alberta Cross’ ATO Records debut, is one of those albums.A cathartic, kaleidoscope of influences, from Depeche Mode to The Band, it’s also the sound of Alberta Cross’ two principals—frontman/guitarist-vocalist Petter Ericson Stakee and bassist Terry Wolfers—going for broke and stumbling across the sound of their dreams in the process.Broken Side of Time took root in an April 2008 jam session, Stakee and Wolfers’ first with three players they would quickly enlist—guitarist Sam Kearney, drummer Austin Beede and keyboardist Alec Higgins... Read more

Alberta Cross - Ghost Of Santa Fe (Official Video)
"Ghost Of Santa Fe" from Alberta Cross' self-titled new album, available now: Directed by Chris Rubino Featuring Craig Stark (Django ...

Alberta Cross - Low Man

Alberta Cross - Broken Side of Time (Live - De La Semaine 16-10-09)
Alberta Cross are a New York-based band, formed by Petter Ericson Stakee (vocals, guitar) & Terry Wolfers (bass). Despite their different upbringings - Petter ...

Alberta Cross- The Devil's All You Ever Had

Alberta Cross - Broken Side of Time
i do not own the audio or image of this vidio saw this only had one vidio for some reason it added about 2 minutes of no sound onto it so i cut it and added my ...

Alberta Cross - "ATX" (official music video)
Alberta Cross - "ATX" Debut single 'ATX' taken from debut album BROKEN SIDE OF TIME out 21st September 2009 on Ark Recordings/ ATO Records. Footage ...

Alberta Cross - Low Man | Sofar Barcelona
Alberta Cross performing "Low Man" at Sofar Barcelona on May 7th, 2017 Click here to come to a show in your city: For a ...

Alberta Cross-ATX.wmv
Another nice track from their great new album...

Alberta Cross - I've Known For Long
Lyrics: See, it's a minor lost See no further. Feel, and I know you love I've searched for long And I know why, dont know why, I see trouble comes our way And I ...

Alberta Cross - Taking Control - HearYa Live Session
Alberta Cross performs "Taking Control" (Working Title) live in-studio for The session was recorded in downtown Chicago at Shirk Music + Sound ...

Alberta Cross - Low Man
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Alberta Cross - Ghost of Santa Fe (Official Audio)
"Ghost of Santa Fe" performed by Alberta Cross. Alberta Cross - led by lead singer and guitarist Petter Ericson Stakee - will release their third, self-titled album ...

Californication - Soundtrack Low Man by Alberta Cross
The Song is played in Season 2 at the end of 8th episode.

Alberta Cross - Lay Down
Lyrics: It's just a beating Oh, it feels like you want it A taste of living Oh, just a drop in the water And I'm trying to will myself against a better path And I'm finding ...

Alberta Cross - Leave Us Or Forgive Us
Promo clip to Alberta Cross's 'Leave Us Or Forgive Us' single released on October 22nd. Filmed at London's 100 Club.

Alberta Cross - Old Man Chicago (Video)

Alberta Cross - Rise From The Shadows
Artist: Alberta Cross Track: Rise From The Shadows Album: Broken Side Of Time Year: 2009 Subscribe for the best of the unknown! No copyright infringement ...

Alberta Cross - Beneath My Love (Official Video)
"Beneath My Love" from Alberta Cross' self-titled new album, available now: Directed by Francesca Galliani ...

Alberta Cross - Isolation (Official Audio)
Alberta Cross - led by lead singer and guitarist Petter Ericson Stakee - will release their third, self-titled album on October 16. Co-produced by Stakee and ...

Alberta Cross - Money For The Weekend (Pocket Full Of Shame)
Lyrics: I get mine trading hearts for a living I make jeans for the last supper change now You'll get your shot to sell what your givin I'm going to fall in the pit that ...

Alberta Cross "Western State" At Guitar Center
Alberta Cross dropped by the Guitar Center Hollywood Vintage Room and shared an exclusive performance of "Western State" from their latest album.


Alberta Cross - Heavy Words (Howl Sessions)
From the album 'Alberta Cross', available now: Directed by William M.R. Kaner A Hearts Open With Love Production Camera: William ...

Alberta Cross - Ramblin' Home
From The Rolling Thunder EP.

Alberta Cross: Ghost of city life
Alberta Cross. Ghost of City Life. Broken Side of Time.

Alberta Cross - Bonfires
Lyrics: Whenever my mind Seem to go I keep you in mind Away from home Just want to hold you Just want to hold you But I can't see Yeah I can't see That my ...

Alberta Cross - Life Without Warning
Lyrics: Hey wake up But keep on dreaming Time to live up Start believing How do we want it To live without wanting You can try if you want to But lie if you need ...

Alberta Cross - Wait ( Sessions)
Alberta Cross performs "Wait" in the studio.

Alberta Cross - Magnolia
Lyrics: When you feel Like you're wide awake You can see You're dragging down the morning sun The morning sun You believe You hide away Can you see ...

Alberta Cross - Lay Down ( Sessions)
Alberta Cross performs "Lay Down" in the studio.

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