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Alain CaronArtist info Alain Caron is a Canadian jazz musician born in Saint-Éloi, Quebec, the youngest of 11 children. He is considered as one of the greatest masters of the 6-string bass guitar.His musical skills were formalised by correspondence lessons with the jazz improvisation teacher, Charlie Banacos, and by attending a summer session at Berklee College of Music.In 1977 he joined Michel Cusson group, that became known as Uzeb (with Michel Cusson guitar and Paul Brochu drums), and recorded 10 albums between 1980 and 1990... Read more

Alain Caron Live at Java Jazz Festival 2015
Alain Caron live at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2015, March 7th - A3 Hall JiExpo Kemayoran, Indonesia. Facebook Page:!/pages/Alain-Caron-Music/12...

Alain Caron - Live Cabaret de Montréal (2005 - Full Concert)
Bass -- Alain Caron Drums -- Simon Langlois Keyboards -- François Blouin Keyboards, Percussion -- Jean St-Jacques Saxophone -- David Bellemare Producer -- Alain Caron.

Alain Caron - D-Code (Live HD)
Live DVD - Alain Caron - Live At Cabaret De Montreal (2005) Available:

Uzeb Solo Alain Caron
Alain Caron Uzeb.

Alain Caron - Se7tentrion - En primeur CONCERT LIVE @ L'ASTRAL MONTREAL 30/3/2012-
Alain Caron - Se7tentrion LIVE CREDITS -LIVE @ L'ASTRAL MONTREAL 30/3/2012- Dans le cadre du festival / As part of the JAZZ EN RAFALE festival Alain Caron (Bass) Pierre Côté (Guitar)...

Alain Caron/Frank Gambale/Damien Schmitt "D-Code"
Alain Caron, Frank Gambale and Damien Schmitt perform Alain's composition "D-Code" at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, April 2011.

Alain Caron - Slam The Clown Live
Slam The Clown by Alain Caron Line up : Alain Caron Basse/Bass Jean St-Jacques Claviers et Malletkat/Keyboards and MalletKat David Bellemare Saxophone Simon Langlois Batteries/Dr...

Alain Caron - Impressions
Impressions by Alain Caron, Play, 1997.

Jack cannon - Alain Caron (very Good Bassline )
THois Song Of Alain caron Is fuckin amazing.

SLAP ALAIN CARON #2 - Cours de Basse /// Bruno Tauzin
TELECHARGER LA PARTITION : Cours de basse, Méthodes, Covers, Transcriptions, Tests : Facebook:...

Alain Caron and Le band - Freedom Jazz Dance
From the Télé-Québec television show "Beau et chaud". Early 90's. This one was cut short. Sorry.

Alain Caron (Bass Guitar Clinic) at CosmoFEST 2017 - Cosmo MusicFEST & EXPO
Alain lays down some jazzy vibes at CosmoFEST 2017. Click here to see more CosmoFEST highlights: Recorded at Cosmo Music - The Musical...

Les Beaux dimanches de 1992 avec Alain Caron et Michel Donato

Alain Caron NAMM 2016
Alain Caron stopped by the Gittler Booth at the 2016 NAMM Show and checked out the new Gittler Basses, both fretted and fretless. To find out more about Gittler visit links below: Home Page:...

NAMM 2013 - Alain Caron & Federico Malaman - Scrapple From The Apple
Alain Caron & Federico Malaman - Scrapple From The Apple - NAMM 2013 Live at F-Bass Furlanetto booth...great basses for great bassplayers!!!

Alain Caron-Donna Lee
Miles Davis composition.

Alain Caron Band ''Modo'' 23 10 2017 SA

Quebec Bass Solo - Alain Caron, UZEB - Penny Arcade (Live 1982)
UZEB live 1982 with michel brecker full length show - The youngest of 11 children, Caron started playing bass at age 11 and began pursuing jazz at age 15....

Vídeo com uma parte espetacular de Alain Caron no La Bella Day onde ele alopra nos slaps. http://twitter....

F Bass at NAMM 2013: Alain Caron and Friends
Alain Caron jamming with our friends Federico Malaman, Kim Lesaca, and Fernando Molinari at the F Bass booth.

Alain Caron & John Roney - Donna Lee - NAMM 2014
Alain Caron & John Roney at F-Bass Furlanetto booth jamming on the not of one of most famous standard "Donna Lee" during NAMM 2014 Show.

Alain Caron - Cross Checking
Amazing track from the new album, Septentrion.

Alain Caron's "Le band" - Fat Cat
From the Télé-Québec television show "Beau et chaud". Early 90's.

UZEB 2017 - Alain CARON Solo
Salle PLEYEL 02.07.2017 L'impensable est devenu réalité, 27 ans après leur dernier concert à PARIS, les voilà au 252 rue Faubourg St Honoré un soir de l'été 2017 .... rallumer la flamme,...

Alain Caron - Sfing -
Alain Caron "Sfing" Alain Caron - basse guitare - Pierre Côté John Roney - piano Damien Schmitt - batterie Série Jazz dans la nuit Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2013 Gesù...

Alain Caron/Frank Gambale/Damien Schmitt "Pole Position" at Musikmesse 2011
Alain Caron, Frank Gambale and Damien Schmitt perform Alain's composition "Pole Position" at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, April 2011.

Alain Caron introduces the Combo 121 Lite
Markbass artist Alain Caron introduces his signature combo, the Combo 121 Lite, and explains the amp's features and many possible applications. For specs and more information, visit:

Sylvain Luc Alain Caron - All Blues - FMCM 2012 -
Sylvain Luc Alain Caron "All Blues" Miles Davis Sylvain Luc - guitare Alain Caron - basse Série Jazz TD Festival de musique de chambre de Montréal Vendredi, 26 mai, 2012 Église St-George...

Richard Bona, Mark King,Alain Caron,John Peña Bass solo live
Four legendary bass players for fun groove. Enjoy!

Alain Caron - LIVE! - "D-Code"
Fretless and Fretted Bass Смотрите и бегите покупать DVD!!!