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Akua NaruArtist info Hailing from New Haven, CT, Akua Naru's journey to acclaimed hip hop artist has led her from America's North-East Coast to Cologne, Germany, where she currently resides and creates music. Along this female wordsmith's journey, there have been many stops - Philadelphia, China, and Ghana, among others - have all informed the wisdom and perspective which is evident in her music.With the release of her debut album, "The Journey Aflame", Naru has in a short time positioned herself on the scene as a model for what women can be in hip hop. Since the release, the album has been written about in several countries and deemed a classic hip hop contribution by hip hop critics from New York to Moscow... Read more

Akua Naru - Poetry: How Does It Feel Now??? (Live Performance) |
Hailing from New Haven, Connecticut and joined by her band DigFlo, well-travelled wordsmith Akua Naru gives us an exclusive live performance of "Poetry: ...

Akua Naru - The Journey Aflame (Full Album 2011)
Support the artist, buy the album here - Tracklist: 01. 00:00 - Intro 02. 00:30 - The Ride 03. 03:50 ...

Akua Naru "The Block"
Akua Naru is back on the block. And in this "live & aflame" session backed the DigFlo band and singer Drea D'Nur, Akua shows the world why she is an ...

Akua Naru - "Poetry, How Does It Feel" OFFICIAL VERSION
Search iTunes :: AKUA NARU.

Akua Naru - Tales Of (Wo)Men //"Live & Aflame Sessions"
Tales Of (Wo)Men is the latest video released from Akua Naru's Live & Aflame Video Session Series. Naru revisits her organic classic "tales of men" with a live ...

Akua Naru - Nag Champa GOLD //"Live & Aflame Sessions" (Full-HD)

Akua Naru - "Run Away" OFFICIAL VERSION
Search iTunes :: AKUA NARU.

Akua Naru - The World Is Listening
The Journey Aflame.

Akua Naru - The Backflip - 2010 - HD
Neue Post-Produktion von

Dreams - Akua Naru feat. Wangechi, Christine Kamau and Checkmate Mido
Dreams was produced in the framework of Akua Naru's Africa tour in September 2016, organized by the Goethe-Institut. Vocals: Akua Naru, Wangechi, ...

Akua Naru - This Mo(u)rning feat. Drea d'Nur //"Live & Aflame Sessions" (MTV TheWrapUp Premiere)

AKUA NARU - Sugar (HoneyIceTea) // Sombor live session
AKUA NARU - Sugar (HoneyIceTea) Live session Sombor - Serbia directed & edited by: Milan Djurdjevic (Bitbox) camera crew: Milan Djurdevic & Vojin ...

Akua Naru - "The Block" OFFICIAL VERSION
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Akua Naru - Run away

Akua Naru - GreenTown Jazz 2015 (Sombor - Serbia)
AKUA NARU - GreenTown Jazz 2015 (Full concert) 1. 0:12 THE MINE (INTRO) 2. 3:25 HEARD 3. 7:23 THE BACKFLIP 4. 13:08 SERAPHIM 5. 20:36 ONE ...

Akua Naru - "Nag Champa" OFFICIAL VERSION
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Akua Naru & Band performing Find Yourself (Live) Vocals: Akua Naru Drums: Christian Nink Bass: Alexander Roenz Guitar: Leif Braeatigam Keys: Wendy Milton ...

Akua Naru - Falling
Album:The Miner's Canary (2015)

Akua Naru no Estúdio Showlivre - Apresentação na íntegra
Akua Naru apresenta sucessos e as músicas de seu terceiro álbum, The Miner's Canary, no Estúdio Showlivre, dia 3 de maio de 2017. #Curta a nossa página ...

Akua Naru - The World Is Listening (prod. by JR & Ph7)
"The World Is Listening" is the 2nd single off Akua Naru's debut album "The Journey Aflame"

Akua Naru - Find yourself
Track: "Akua Naru - Find yourself" Album: "The Journey Aflame"

Akua Naru "HEARD" Official Video 2015
"Heard" is the first single off the soon to be released Akua Naru studio album "The Miner's Canary" directed by Double Rush. get in contact: ...

Akua Naru - The Ride
WIth the release of her debut album "...The Journey Aflame", Naru has in a short time solidified herself on the scene as a model for what women can be in hip ...

Akua Naru - The Journey...Aflame //"Live & Aflame Sessions" (Full-HD)
Akua Naru is back with her newest Live & Aflame Sessions video release: "The Journey...Aflame". With this track, Naru takes us on a poetic/musical ...

Akua Naru - "The Backflip" OFFICIAL VERSION
Search iTunes :: AKUA NARU.

Akua Naru - "Seraphim" feat. Fetsum (Official Video)
"Seraphim" is the second single off Akua Naru's new album "The Miner's Canary." Check out the album here: / AMAZON ...


Akua Naru - "The Journey..." OFFICIAL VERSION
Search iTunes :: AKUA NARU.

Akua Naru - Walking The Block feat. Drea d'Nur //"Live & Aflame Sessions" (Full-HD)
DIGFLO: Drums, Christian Nink Bass, Alex Roenz Guitar, Leif Braeutigam Sax, Julian Ritter Rhodes, Christian Lorenzen Guest Musicians- Keys, Drea d'Nur ...

Akua Naru - Tales Of Men feat. African Footprint
"Tales Of Men" is the third single off the new and highly acclaimed Akua Naru album, "...The Journey Aflame." (Album Available Worldwide: ITUNES, AMAZON, ...

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