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Airbase - Tangerine
Intuition Recordings 2008.

Airbase - Escape (Original)
This is my one of my favourite tracks by airbase along with genie...very well produced :) ENJOY! I do not take any credit for these tracks or pictures involved, ...

Airbase - Ocean Realm
Year : 2004 Best audio quality.

Airbase - Genie (Original Mix) HQ
Airbase - Genie (Original Mix) HQ Just a note, I did not make this song (if I did I would be pretty fucking proud) etc etc and I do not have any afiliation with the ...

Airbase - Medusa
Airbase... One of the best!!!

Airbase - Mondegreen (Original Mix)
Check out A State Of Trance Radio on Spotify: Download on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: ...

Airbase - Epoch
Stream & Download: Swedish DJ/producer mastermind Airbase is dropping his latest release on our In Trance We Trust imprint. Believe ...

Airbase-Rise with me
i like this song:)

Airbase - Garden State (Original)
Thought this could do with an upload on here...airbase impress's with his piano skills on this track. I like the twinkling piano sound in the background,its dreamy ...

Airbase - Moon Wave (Original)
A nice floaty trance track here by airbase. I think he keeps it laid back on this one & makes it very soft if you like, nice stuff here :) ENJOY! I do not take any credit ...

Airbase feat Floria Ambra - Denial
Black Hole Recordings. Audio is a bit jumpy in the beginning. The uploaded file is fine, Youtube is screwing with the sound for some reason.

Airbase feat. Floria Ambra - Interfere
Intuition Recordings. Written & Produced by Airbase and Floria Ambra for Airbase Music. For more information:

Airbase feat. Floria Ambra - Wonders
Black Hole Recordings - In Trance We Trust. Written and produced by Jezper Söderlund & Floria Ambra for Airbase Music 2009. Published by Warner Chappell ...

Airbase - Medusa
Intuition Recordings.

Airbase - Sinister
Airbase production. Gesture Music.

Tiesto - Elements Of Life (Airbase Remix)

Airbase - Moorea
Somatic Sense.

Gouryella - Ligaya Airbase Remix
Gouryella - Ligaya Airbase Remix.

Airbase - Magic Silence
Airbase - Magic Silence visit for downloads etc.

Airbase - One Tear Away
Intuition Recordings.

Airbase - Escape (Original Mix)
Airbase - Escape (Original Mix) [Cloud 9 Dance] Written by Jezper Söderlund, Genre: Electronic / Trance, Year: 2006 PICTURE: Fantasy-lava-land-escape ...

Airbase - Sinister (Original Mix)
Airbase - Sinister (Original Mix) *NOTE* I WILL NOT provide any of my songs available for download. If you like the song, just hop by your local record store ...

Airbase - Dreamer
dreamer by airbase. enjoy the music. rate. comment. I put in some club photos to get you in the mood.

Airbase - Back
Black Hole Recordings - In Trance We Trust. Written and produced by Jezper Söderlund for Airbase Music. For more information:

Airbase - Tangerine (Original Mix) [HQ]
One of my favorite tracks from Airbase.

Airbase - Emotion
Alphabet City GmbH.

Airbase - Emotion [Original mix] Beautiful music

Anamanaguchi - Airbase
Anamanaguchi - Airbase A fine example of quality 8-bit music. Check out there myspace. htttp://

Airbase - Chamberlain (Original Mix) [HQ Audio]
Airbase - Chamberlain (Original Mix)

Airbase - Lucid (Ronny K. Emotion Remix)
Ronny K. trademark.

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