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Adham ShaikhArtist info Adham Shaikh is a composer, record producer and sound designer from British Columbia, Canada.His present 15-year history with music began by exploring synthesizers in the early 1980s, which ushered in a whole new frontier of musical experiments and explorations. In the early 1990s, Shaikh found the electronic music scene full of innovative and explorative sounds. This environment created an opportunity for him to present his compositions to an audience already embracing electronic music... Read more

Adham Shaikh - Collectivity (Full album / Álbum Completo)
Collectivity is the 4th. solo album from composer/producer Adham Shaikh. Transcending cultural boundaries by synthesizing a variety of world music traditions ...

Adham Shaikh - Water Prayer (Matt The Alien Remix)
FROM: Refrations - Univeral Frequencies Remixes From the award-winning album Universal Frequencies by global producer Adham ...

Adham Shaikh - Resonance - Selected Ambient Works
1.Dew Daisy 0:00 2.Lost Dream (Earth Pilgrim mix) 3:20 3.Warm Hope (Earth Pilgrim mix) 8:03 4.Little Boats Of Hope 11:54 5.Om Shanti Shanti 18:03 6.Gayatri ...

Journey To The Sun - Adham Shaikh (Full Album)
Journey To The Sun - Adham Shaikh Guru Sambhu Dada 0:00 Emergence 1:47 Flute Interlude #1 11:38 Journey To The Sun 12:18 Innocence 26:28 Infinite ...

Adham Shaikh - Ohm (Transfix mix)
Image :

Adham Shaikh - Refractions Vol 2
The ethno electro dub labs of Kaya Project, Desert Dwellers, Drumspyder, Spoonbill, Xopianoi, Lexifer and Log(M) have been busy reworking the popular global ...

Adham Shaikh - Dubfire
Adham Shaikh - Fusion (2004) - Dubfire.

Adham Shaikh - We Rise We Fall - Live (Hadra Trance Festival 8)
Scène: The Lotus Soundcloud: Hadra Trance Festival: Cadreurs: Julien ...

Adham Shaikh and Uwe Neumann - Swapna
Jadur Madur - (Dreamtree Project)

Adham Shaikh ‎– Essence (Full Album)
Tracklist: Somptin Hapnin (Water in Me) Sabadub Constellation Orcadrift Remix Sabadhi Sufi Spin Shiraz.

Adham Shaikh - "Basswalla" [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]
The story of the basswalla, and the dance of the keeper of the orb, seeking and transmitting vibrations of love and celebration around the world. A captivating ...

Adham Shaikh and Uwe Neumann - Rising up
Adham Shaikh and Uwe Neumann - Jadur Madur.

Adham Shaikh - Sabadhi
From Essence.

Adham Shaikh & Tim Floyd - Drift
1.Portals (Part II) 0:00 2.Embers 7:22 3.Warm Fuzzys 12:10 4.Resolution 20:42 5.Lullaby 25:17 ...

Adham Shaikh & Uwe Neumann - Swapna (Magic Carpet Mix)
You are not your body. Your body is not you. You are not the doer. You are not the enjoyer. You are pure awareness, The witness of all things. You are without ...

Rug Rippin' by Adham Shaikh - music video by The Cooper Bros
A spirited journey of the magic carpet, discovered by my son and dusted off to bring to festivals. To charge the crowd with the magical of the dancing carpet.

Adham Shaikh - Indu
Adham Shaikh is a composer, producer and sound designer. His present 15-year history with music began by exploring synthesizers in the early 80s, which ...

Adham Shaikh - Bellydancer
Adham Shaikh - Collectivity - 2006 Ambient Sonicturlle Music

Adham Shaikh - Kundalini Fuel
Adham Shaikh - Kundalini Fuel *** --- Cool Music by Mythos --- ***

Adham Shaikh - Dubfire
Boom Festival DVD 2006.

Adham Shaikh - Ohm

Adham Shaikh - Water Prayer

Adham Shaikh - Gayatri Mantra Shuffle ᴴᴰ
Album: Fusion (2004) To artists/labels: Uploads are for promotional purposes! If you wish your copyrighted material to be removed, send me a PM or email at ...

Adham Shaikh - Liquid Evolution
album: Journey to the Sun art by Susanna Majuri.

Adham Shaikh - Ohm - Transfix mix
Adham Shaikh - Ohm - Transfix mix.

Adham Shaikh - Desert Dub - Feat. Ben Johnson
Adham Shaikh - Desert Dub - Feat. Ben Johnson.

Adham Shaikh - The Garden
Adham Shaikh - The Garden.

Adham Shaikh Zero G
Adham Shaikh Zero G From Journey To The Sun Album.

Adham Shaikh - Kundalini fuel
beyond i.

Adham Shaikh - Beyond I
is music and beyond.

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