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Adam GreenArtist info Adam Green (born May 28, 1981 in Mount Kisco, New York) is an American singer-songwriter.Green attended Emerson College briefly in 1998 before leaving to concentrate on his music, going on to co-found the anti folk group The Moldy Peaches with Kimya Dawson. In 2004 The Moldy Peaches went on hiatus and both Green and Dawson embarked on solo careers.Green released several albums on Rough Trade Records... Read more

Adam Green - Buddy Bradley
Check out the new video from Adam Green for Buddy Bradley! This is the second of four videos shot by director Dima Dubson for the album "Minor Love" which comes out TOMORROW (Jan 8th) in Europe,...

Adam Green - Dance with me
Adam Green - Dance With Me.

Adam Green - Drugs
Adam Green - Drugs a great musican and songwriter... enjoy...

Adam Green - Emily (video)
Adam Green - Emily (video)

Adam Green - Bunnyranch
2003 - Friends Of Mine: Adam Green - 06 - Bunnyranch.

Adam Green - Friends of Mine
2003 - Friends Of Mine: Adam Green - 07 - Friends of Mine.

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - "Casanova"

Adam Green - Carolina (Official Music Video)
"Carolina" by Adam Green from the album Gemstones (2005)

Adam Green - Phoning In The Blues
From the album: ''Aladdin'' (2016)

Adam Green - Gemstones
first track from the 2005 album of the same name. lyrics: Gemstones cracking, cause we're just too strong Drum-sized yearning cuz the pressure's gone Supervised love, crucified stuvs...

Adam Green - Cigarette Burns Forever
Cigarette Burns Forever is the latest video release from Adam Green. Adam has been hard at work all year writing and recording his new album Minor Love. The record will be released via Rough...

Jessica - Adam Green
Jessica by Adam Green.

Adam Green- baby's gonna die tonight
Baby's gonna be alright and it don't mean I don't love you When i put a gun to your face It just means I wanna get rough with you Baby's gonna be alright.

Love will tear us apart- Adam Green cover
The best cover of love will tear us apart.

Adam Green - Mozzarella Swastikas
haha crakerss.

Adam Green - Boss Inside
Official video for Boss Inside by Adam Green. Directed by Dima Dubson.

Adam Green - "Nature of the Clown" (Official Video)
It's a big year for Noisey's favorite art-pop oddball Adam Green. For one thing he's launching his second feature length film—Adam Green's Aladdin—which stars everyone from Andrew from...

Can you see me - Adam Green
I'm so scared to never make a sound I'm so scared of being underground Can you see me? Adam Green Garfield.

Adam Green - Novotel
video oficial, official video.

Adam Green - Friends of Mine
Nooderzon 2008.

Adam Green & Binki Shapiro - "Just To Make Me Feel Good" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Buy it on iTunes: Buy it on Amazon: Buy it at a Record Store (U.S.): The official music...

Exclusive - Adam Green - Breaking Locks
To celebrate Adam Green's new album 'Minor Love' being released in the UK next week, here's the first of four webisodes that were filmed to accompany the album. The music featured in this video...

What A Waster - Adam Green
Libertines Cover What a waster, what a fucking waster You pissed it all up the wall Round the corner where they chased her There's tears falling out from everywhere The city's hard,...

friends of mine; hard to be a girl.

"Castles and Tassels" by Adam Green (Official Video)
Previously unreleased video from 2010. Video Directed by Todd Smolar - Claymation designed by Sypros Dahlias.

Adam Green - I Wanna Die
2003 - Friends Of Mine: Adam Green - 10 - I Wanna Die.

Adam Green - Kokomo
the 80's last hit recorded by Beach Boys, here a great cover by Adam Green. enjoy it!

Adam Green "Her Father & Her"
"Her Father & Her" by Adam Green. From the album "Garfield."

Adam Green - Rich Kids

Interview with Adam Green
Watch AMBY's exclusive interview with Adam Green! I freaked out the moment I found out I was interviewing the one and only Adam Green for AMBY. I've been a fan of this man's music for years,...