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AGF/DelayArtist info AGF/Delay is a collaboration of German sound-artist and poet Antye Greie and Vladislav Delay. Their first full-length album ‘Explode’ was recorded 2004 in Northern Finland, with a production process basically cut off from civilization. Finally released in 2005, the album strips both musical concepts of Greie and Delay to the bone. Gone are the more glitchy, ultra-processed vocals of some of Greie’s previous solo works, and mostly gone is the ultra-complex rhythm programming that Delay had done under his own name... Read more

AGF / Delay - connection to you
agf delay - connection.

Agf & Delay - Connection (CLP Remix)
Genres: Dance & Electronic/Electronica Ursprüngliches Erscheinungsdatum : 11. Dezember 2009 Copyright: (C) 2009 BPitch Control Music Publishing.

Agf -Delay - Second Life Album: Symptoms

AGF & Delay - Connection (Kiki's Extended DJ Mix)

Agf Delay - Downtown Snow

BPitch Control Artist Video - AGF / Delay
by Lisa Wassmann.

AGF/Delay - Most Beautiful (Original Mix) / vj maex-steel
mal was anderes.

AGF/Delay - Connection (Heartthrob Remix)
AGF/Delay - Connection (Heartthrob Remix) From BPC203 AGF/Delay - Connection Remixes Release Date: 16.11.2009 Label: Bpitch Control BPC Webshop:

AGF/Delay | My God Gave Me Backbones for Electronic Beats Radio | EB.Radio
BPitch Controllers AGF & Vladislav Delay just finished their new album "Symptoms." This diverse mix of chilly and ambitious tunes, catchy and thought-provoking sounds is perfect music for 2009....

Agf-Delay - In Cycles Album:Symptoms

AGF DELAY - Useless.wmv
USELESS useless to go through so so so its uselss to say that you are missing to go through to go through milano i am so excausted try to find a nice place to sit down and chill for 6 hours...

AGF/Delay - A Distant View

Agf-Delay - Outbreak Album:Symptoms

AGF/Delay - Connection
Artist: AGF/Delay Title: Connection Album: Symptoms Track: 2/11 Released: 09/03/2009 Notes: Artwork [From Video 'Deranged' By] – Bogomir Doringer Written-By, Producer – AGF/Delay Where...

AGF/Delay - A Distant View
Artist: AGF/Delay Title: A Distant View Album: Explode Track: 4/12 Released: 14/02/2005 Notes: Artwork [Drawings And Explosions] – Kaisa Kemikoski Design, Typography [Text Integration] –...

Ellen Allien - You with now (feat. AGF & Delay)

Agf-Delay - From Morning On Album:Explode(2005)

Connection (Fritz Zander Remix) - AGF & Delay

Agf Delay - Downtown Snow Album:Symptoms

AGF/Delay - Still Eatin'
Artist: Vladislav Delay Title: Still Eatin' Album: Nanoloop 1.0 (compilation) Track: 3/15 Released: 21/01/2002 Notes: all music was created on the nintendo game boy with the nanoloop software....

Vladislav Delay LIVE with visuals by poemproducer (AGF) in Ljubljana "Kino" 2013

Agf/Delay - Explode Baby Album: Explode © Agf Producktion (2005)
To explode for a reason..

AGF + Delay live in Toruń @ CSW "Znaki Czasu"
AGF + Delay live in Toruń at CSW "Znaki Czasu" during Plateaux Festival 8.11.2008.

AGF/Delay - Connection (Fritz Zander Remix)
bloow traack...

AGF/Delay - Break Doors
From Explode (2005) For more fresh tunes like this log on to the Good Music Movement @

AGF/Delay - Explode Baby
Artist: AGF/Delay Title: Explode Baby Album: Explode Track: 2/12 Released: 14/02/2005 Notes: Artwork [Drawings And Explosions] – Kaisa Kemikoski Design, Typography [Text Integration] –...

Antye Greie Fuchs - PRIVATEbirds.

AGF/Delay - Causing A Taifun
home made video by AGF/Delay's amazing track Causing A Taifun.

AGF ft. Noam Chomsky - Lingu.tik
Artist: AGF (Antye Greie Fuchs) Song: Lingu-tik Album: "Beatnadel" Year: 2011 Sampled lyrics by Noam Chomsky.

PERFORMANCE Live Video Ensemble + AGF/DELAY 06/10/2010 h. 20:30 Sala Fassbinder - Teatro Elfo Puccini - Milano Live Video Ensemble è un progetto di live video generativo ideato...

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