Free Download 'Nweti' ("The Moon") - Amoya Cover mp3

'Nweti' ("The Moon") - Amoya Cover
For my moon sister, my muse, my goddess - Tatiana. Gracias a la luna, gracias a mis hermanas. Bailamos y cantamos para siempre. 'Nweti' is Mozambican for ...

'Nweti', by Mingas 1994
Mingas performing her song 'Nweti' ("The Moon") in a music video produced by Ébano Productions, Maputo, 1994. For more information, go to Mingas' website: ...

Amoya - Nweti
World music & tribute for all womans over the world and for them shiny eyes :)

Empire State of Mind (Part 2) - Alicia Keys Ukulele Cover
It is always flattering for an Australian girl to see that she has so many fans overseas : ) This one is for mitchelmandisi. Sorry it took so long, I hope it was worth ...

Doctor Music Nwina Minga Djondza

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