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FictionJunction YUUKAArtist info FictionJunction YUUKA is a collaboration project between Yuki Kajiura (梶浦由記, composition/arrangement/keyboards) and Yuuka Nanri (南里侑香, vocals). The unit was formed in 2003 in Tokyo, Japan as a subproject of Kajiura's FictionJunction project. Their work has been featured in many anime series including Madlax (瞳の欠片, Nowhere, inside your heart and I'm here), Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED DESTINY (暁の車 and 焔の扉), Tsubasa Chronicle (aikoi), Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto (荒野流転), .hack//ROOTS (Silly-Go-Round) and El Cazador de la Bruja (romanesque) as well as a musical, ANGEL GATE -Haru no Yokan- (angel gate)... Read more

Madlax Ending Full - Inside your heart by FictionJunction
Inside your heart by FictionJunction.

[ Sae x Kanade ] Fictionjunction YUUKA Hitomi no Kakera cover ( Fictionjunction YUUKA・瞳の欠片を歌ってみた )
Another cover with Sae Sakuraoka! I wanted to cover this song with Sae and she was so quick about sending me her recording. I had this recorded for a while ...

「瞳の欠片」Hitomi no Kakera 歌ってみた【Soranam】Thanks For 100+ Subs!l
Well, this has been sitting on my computer unfinished for an embarrassingly long time... In a perfect world, I'd have infinite inspiration, energy, and time to spend ...

【june】瞳の欠片(Hitomi no Kakera)を歌ってみた【ゆうぎ】
mp3 download: Song: 瞳の欠片(Hitomi no Kakera) Original singer: FictionJunction YUUKA Video: ゆうぎ Mixing: ...

[ Sae x Kanade ] Fictionjunction YUUKA Hitomi no Kakera cover (Fictionjunction・瞳の欠片を歌ってみた)

Cazador del Amor ・ FictionJunction YUUKA ・ 梶浦 由記
Es un video que subtitulé pensando en tí Princesa Sakura...

FictionJunction - 約束 Yakusoku [Jp + Eng Lyrics]
From "Elemental" by FictionJunction. I don't own anything in the video. All rights go to their respective owners.

vivian 瞳の欠片

瞳の欠片 (Version Jポーク♀)

Madlax OST - Track 2 - Nowhere
Madlax Original Soundtrack Track 2 - Nowhere.

YUUKA - El Cazador
from the original soundtrack

FictionJunction YUUKA - Silly-Go-Round
FictionJunction YUUKA - Silly-Go-Round (Yume kara samete mo Kono te wo nobasu yo......) Onaji tsuyosa de yobi au Kokoro ni nareru no naraba Nanninbun no ...

【ペットボトル】 MADLAX 瞳の欠片をペットボトルでやってみた
まったくの思い付きでやってみました。 my only railgunをやってみて、もう少しゆっくりな曲のほうが合っているかもしれないとおもっのですが、...

【El Cazador de la Bruja】 Cazador del Amor - FictionJunction YUUKA & Yuki Kajiura
El Cazador de la Bruja episode 25 insert song, "Cazador del Amor" by FictionJunction YUUKA & Yuki Kajiura.

FictionJunction Madlax OST track 23 Hitomi no Kakera Artist fictionjunction. Lyrics song and arrangement by Yuki Kajiura THIS IS SIMPLY A FAN MADE VIDEO I ...

【Fiction junction】『瞳の欠片』を歌ってみました。(ボイスエフェクト)
カラオケ・ジョイサウンドのボイスエフェクト機能を使って、Fiction junctionの 『瞳の欠片』を歌ってみました。

Mizuki - Hitomi no Kakera (Madlax OP)
Mikan no Yuki 2012, 3rd place in karaoke category.

Hitomi no Kakera (Male Cover)
So the original version was a bit too high for me - so I dropped the pitch down to F and went from there. I sort of changed my voice for this one as well to hit the ...

Trio ELM - Hitomi no Kakera (Madlax OP cover)
Live @Trélazé for Téléthon, 05/12/2015, France Chant/Voice : @Sedeto, Lily (@leslueursdelily) Piano : Jill-Jênn (@jjvie) Flûte traversière : Lise-Marie Original ...


Hitomi no Kakera - Madlax OP - Male Version
This time is male version of Madlax opening, Hitomi no Kakera. If you like my videos, please press the like button and subscribe. If you want to request any voice ...

FictionJunction - Angel Gate
FictionJunction - Angel Gate Support the real copy everyone! I didn't make this video. I uploaded this video so other people will see a demo of the original.

Nowhere with karaoke subtitles
Karaoke of the song Nowhere by FictionJunction Yuuka Lyrics from Lyrics: tamashii no hanashi wo kikasete yo hitomi wo sorasazu mitsumete ...

「inside your heart」を歌ってみた【すばる】
Thanks for watching+listening! VOCAL: Subaru(すばる) ORIGINAL VOCAL : FictionJunction YUUKA.

[ENG SUB] FictionJunction - Kimi ga Ita Monogatari (2014 elemental tour live)
[ENG SUB] FictionJunction - Kimi ga Ita Monogatari (2014 elemental tour live) (romaji karaoke + english sub) Please visit this link too! [ENG SUB] FictionJunction ...

Nostalgia(FictionJunction YUUKA)・・・歌ってみました
綺麗で懐かしく、悲しい旋律のこの歌は、「FictionJunction YUUKA」のオリジナルファーストアルバム「 Destination」に収録されています。 2枚目に古び...

FictionJunction Yuuka-Circus (Legendado)
Cantora:FictionJunction Yuuka ou Yuuka Nanri Music:Circus(FictionJunction Yuuka Vol.4 Part 1) Lyrics:Yuki Kajiura.

Kalafina - Nowhere [MADLAX] LIVE
Kalafina - Nowhere [MADLAX]

FictionJunction - Hanamori no Oka 「花守の丘」[ English Sub ]
This is my 2nd project Karaoke lyric for Japanese Music Video. I 've used romanji and english lyric on fanpage of Yuki Kajiura ...

【Soranam】Nowhere 歌ってみた 【FictionJunction YUUKA】
Yalai... yalai... yalai... I still can't get this song out of my head, haha. But it was lots of fun to do! ****************************************************** Song: Nowhere ...

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