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Holly HenryArtist info Holly Henry (born Holly Mae Heinrich, March 31, 1994) is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA. She was a competitor on Season 5 of The Voice. Her audition song "The Scientist" charted in the Top 10 on two Billboard charts and maintained a 4 week run. She won her Battle Round with "Torn" but was eliminated in the Knockout Round singing "Creep... Read more

Waiting Game - Banks (Holly Henry Cover)
For the next ten days I will be in STUDIO working on my new EP so I apologize in advance if I don't get around to a cover. This song was the most requested this ...

WAITING GAME - BANKS (cover by Chantelle Trotter)
My cover of Waiting Game by BANKS. Thanks for watching!! Comment, like, subscribe :) xx.

Waiting Game // Banks (Cover)
hey so idk let me know what u think of this i got a new mic so hopefully it sounds better lol THANKS FOR BEING SO CUTE ILY ...

BANKS - Waiting Game/Covered by Heidi Jutras
The kinda chorus I wish I had written!! BANKS is coming to Montreal on October 2nd and I'm seriously thinking of going! Feel free to share the video :) CD Baby: ...

Waiting Game - BANKS (Cover by Saskia Pritchard)
My Links: Instagram (For seeing what I'm up to and ootd's and so on): Twitter: Snapchat: ...

Banks - Waiting Game (Rebecca Shearing Cover)
I've been a little obsessed with this song and this artist! I hope you like my version. Connect: ...

Waiting Game - Banks (Cover)
This could have been better but I only had a bit of time and I REALLY wanted to cover something. Twitter: @mrahssiah ...

Waiting Game - BANKS (Cover by Charlène)
I loooove the lyrics and the music. And BANKS. I'm in love with her album Goddess. Go buy it now haha ! FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE ! : FACEBOOK: ...

Waiting Game - BANKS cover
My friend Huw Samuel (British viner, look him up, follow him) told me to cover this so here we go. I only learnt the piano to this today so it's all a bit woo and a bit ...

Banks- Waiting Game(Cover)

Waiting Game- Banks Acoustic Cover by Annie Harris
Waiting Game by Banks, hope you guys liked it and if you're wondering what chords I used I put the lyrics and them below this! SUBSCRIBE! :) FOLLOW ME ON ...

Andi - Waiting Game (BANKS cover)
Cover of BANKS - Waiting Game (demo)

Waiting Game (Banks Cover)
thanks for watching :)

Waiting Game: Banks [Acoustic Cover by Crystal Rose]
This is my cover on Waiting Game which is the song that was played on The VS Commercial...Waiting Game by Banks..Hope you like It!!! Thanks!

Derek Covers: BANKS- Waiting Game
Covering Banks 'Waiting Game'. One of my favorite songs by her! Check it out, rate, comment, subscribe!

Waiting Game - BANKS (Cover From Male Perspective) FT. PRESLEY
I rewrote the lyrics to "Waiting Game" (originally written by BANKS and SOHN) from the male perspective and was lucky enough to have U.K. based artist ...

Waiting Game [BANKS Cover by Ezlie]
A cover of BANK's Waiting Game. View my tracks at

Banks- Waiting Game Cover, By: Olivia Vawn
Hey this is my cover of Waiting Game by Banks (15 years old) I want to mention that it does speed up and slow down at moments because the background is ...

Tilde Vinther - Waiting Game, Banks (Cover version)
Danish Tilde Vinther making a cover version of BANKS - Waiting Game.

Waiting Game - Banks Cover
Waiting Game, Banks cover, by Sela Vave sung acapella, age 13.

Emmy J Mac - BANKS 'Waiting Game' Cover
Here is a little cover of me singing 'Waiting Game' by BANKS and also attempting to play the piano :) It was recorded by my lovely friend Paul Hopkins x.

Waiting Game - Banks (Acoustic Cover)
Waiting Game - Banks (Acoustic Cover). Very simple strumming since I can't do anything fancy lol.

BANKS - Waiting Game (Piano cover)

Waiting Game--BANKS Cover
BANKS I'm loving your new music. Imagine it with an electric guitar mmmm Check out my website:

Waiting Game - BANKS
Hope y'all enjoy my sister Gaby and I's cover of Waiting Game by BANKS from the motion picture The Longest Ride! Love this song, Love the lyrics, enjoy guys :)

Waiting Game - Banks Taylor Marie Mangan Cover The Longest Ride / Fifty Shades Movie Track
I made this track completely from scratch so if you use it please give me credit! thanks for watching!

XO - Waiting Game
Waiting Game” by XO. Out now via He Loves You Not Recordings. iTunes: Spotify: Directed, edited and ...

waiting game - banks cover by Adele Nasip

Waiting game - Bea Miller (Cover)
BANKS - WAITING GAME cover of Bea Bea miller posted this on twitte :

Waiting Game - BANKS (RiTA Cover)
Cover of "Waiting Game" by BANKS, from the EP "LONDON"! Make sure you subscribe my channel for more like this! RiTA xx.

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