my favorite scene from amadeus lyrics

I ran from the haunted mansion
Left behind my inventions
A talent for my own destruction
Is all I've ever owned

And in the dark a fog descends
The velvet edges split and then
The bright lights have found me again
Alone with a microphone
(So I sang)

These are the happiest days of my life, I know
Black anoraks, synthesized strings
Two tarnished tin wedding rings
Nostalgia for meaningful things is all I've ever known

These are the happiest days of my life, I know
My death scene played to no applause
Two angels came to my dire cause
Their voices like melodic
As they spoke to me and said

"Your darkness is brighter than
All the lights in the disco tonight
Your darkness is brighter, you are inevitable
Then why is she making me wait so long?"
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