alt-J - Left Hand Free (Official Video) 1 lyrics

Hey shady baby I'm hot
Like the prodigal son
Pick a battle eenie meenie miney moe
Hey flower you're the chosen one

Well your left hand's free
And your right's in a grip
With another left hand
Watch his right hand slip
Towards his gun, oh no

[Verse 1]
I tackle weeds just so the moon buggers nibble
A right hand grip on his Colt single-action like [?]


[Verse 2]
N-E-O, O-M-G, gee whiz
Girl you're the one for me
Though your man's bigger than I am
All my days he disagrees, oh no
(Speak easy)

[Instrumental break: 8 measures]

Well my left hand's free (x2)


Well your left hand's free
Well my left hand's free (x4)
Oh no
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