Yungbulldog - Spairing Shit Feat. JaydaYoungan lyrics

You used to laugh at my jokes when I told them
Now you just roll your eyes and say I don't know him
You used to look at me with sweet emotion
Now you're crying

Girlfriend we used to be the shit
Somehow I lost that girl of mine
And we just can't remember

The two of us were once naive thinking this could last forever
Now we barely speak, haven't said a word all week
Our love was worn like a VHS tape of aladdin
Now our love is so cold laser disc of cruel intentions
Excuse me you look something like a lot of arguments in the morning
I bet your last man had you spoiled
And he probably always gave you everything you ever wanted
Well I'm not him
I'm slightly more important
Not the chosen one I just make the right choices
Like to turn the music up when they say it's noisy
Baby I'm 21 I'm trying to enjoy it
All about progress, say I'm too forward
Skizzy, you know this life is gon' destroy you
Might as well be skizzy I'm just trying to ignore you

All this paranoia
I just wanna smoke and enjoy it
Let her rock with them herbs
Let 'em get on her nerves
Then she kick 'em to the curb
She come back to me, She she come back to me

Girlfriend we used to be the shit
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