Nova radist' stala -- Etno hory 94 --( ukraine music колядa kolada ) lyrics

Yeah bitch
Wolf Gang, Sweatshirt, ho

'94 black music, beat a preacher's ass to it
Honor class crack movement, you faggots is ass chewin'
New black Rasputin get these hoes loose
As your back tooth with a Kimbo jab to it
Fuck y'all, they can't handle the fact
That I am not yet a man, I'm manhandlin' tracks
Tell these fags that the lip chapped champion's back
Wolf cack is up the ass of the tabbiest cat
My hands on my sock, I'm Pop, Crackle and Snap
Get it poppin' off, pop a couple Xan in some class
Smoke a little hash with my favorite janitor's ass
And beat my teacher 'til she gives my fuckin' mannequins back, bitch
Pigeon blood'll leave the stool wall shitted up
Shit talk, Myrtle fuck, get your little sister fucked
Shit, I'll hit stripper up to go and pick a different slut
To stick inside them fuckin' pots where we brew them bitches up
Eyes hazy with my middle finger up a stripper's cunt
Lights down, lit her up, sherm in my sippy cup
Ice pickin' cripples 'til I get my Tommy Pickle rub
Catch me poppin' pimples, tellin' bitches triple 6 is us
Stabbin' 'em with pencils in their temples 'til my dick erupts

It's really fuckin' simple, slut, Wolf Gang, get with us
Either that or grab a full fist of nuts and lick 'em up
Turn it up, fisticuffs, givin' bitches dick to suck
Let 'em drink the cum out a mothafuckin' paper cup
Whores wider than the horse that I'm sniffin' up
Leave now if you ain't tryna get them titties touched

We the best and I'm provin' it
Competition missin' like the braids of fuckin' Ludacris
Mop duplicates, get socked in the uterus
For steppin' in the section of them Odd Future hooligans
Psych, I'll take your uterine, hula hoop with it
Backslap her with a tube of lubricant
Tape it and take it to Ace's so we can do this shit
Carjack her parents' coupe and take a cruise in it
(?), Youtube the shit
Cut the bullshit what you forgot, (?)
Now you're pouting cause I'm playin' your pussy like it's a tuba, bitch
Too foul, loose bowels, get used to it
So point me to the nearest booth so I can poop in it
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