Natalia Ushakova - Lucia di Lammermoor - Mad scene lyrics

Temple Shirley
Captain January (1936)
Sextet From Lucia (Lucia di Lammermoor)
Lyrics/Music G.Donizetti

(Shirley, Slim Sommerville, Guy Kibbee)

Sextet name Chi mi Frena in tal Momento
(Who restrains me at this moment)
Words from this famous tragic Italian Opera were replaced with La-La-La's

Of the 67 operas which Donizetti wrote, Lucia is probably the best known and most popular. Based on Scott's novel The Bride of Lammermoor, its action is set in a largely imaginary Scotland towards the end of the 17th Century

Act 1 A preamble to the story of the love affair between Lucia and the disposessed heir of Ravenswood Edgardo. The lovers exchange rings as Edgardo is to be sent to France

Act 11 The Lord of Ravenswood Enrico tries to induce his sister Lucia to marry the young laird of Bucklaw Arturo, to repair his waning fortunes. He falsely informs Lucia that her lover Edgardo is unfaithful and shows her a forged letter. But Lucia still holds out until the chaplain Raimondo also urges her to make the sacrifice for her family

The second scene opens in the great hall of Ravenswood Castle, the chosen groom Arturo has arrived for the signing of the marriage contract and just as Lucia has also reluctantly done so, the lover Edgardo bursts into the hall

Now follows the Sextet, Edgardo finds his anger checked at the sight of swooning Lucia. Enrico is torn between his hatred for Edgardo and pity for his sister, Lucia deplores her misery and inability to die. Raimondo expresses horror of the outcome and pity for Lucia. At the conclusion of the sextet Edgardo is threatened with swords and after some defiance the chaplain persuades him to depart

Act 111 The opera ends with Lucia stabbing Arturo then dying of a broken heart while Edgardo, on learning of Lucia's death draws his dagger and stabs himself in order to join her
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