Cosmia lyrics

[Verse 1]
We got that disinformation in a vicious cycle
Convex miniscus, i made another typo
Go viral, eye of the tiger
Rising up to the challenge of a rival
I switch letters to link later
Snakes and ladders
Scanner darkly waking life
I'm a dazed and confused slacker
With the vernacular of the day
And i dont even know what the fuck i'm trying to say
I just play with language
The plague language
Happy medium bout to send out the message
Its the media prank, a brain therapist
Cantankerous slang and a strange narrative

Idea pangea
Cosmia [x4]

[Verse 2]
Starfish and a zebra
I'm hard to see brah
Wild cosmia with the style of the idea pangea
It starts to shift
Break into the sacred thought continental drift
I blaze a spliff incoherent
Deconstructionist hippy extremist
Occult trill militia ventriloquist genius
Venus fly trap, the day of the triffids
Little shop of horrors, twisted linguistics
I do this for the mystics
And the everlasting golden cord that connects us
The chain predicting the existence
Of the nexus in your brain
Going to another terrain
I come when she calls me
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