Celebrities REACTING to Demi Lovato's INCREDIBLE VOICE!! lyrics

This song is a pastiche
Of Mariah Carey
Arianna, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson and Madonna
Every diva anthem is the same
I'm fierce and throwin' shade
and haters gonna hate
how many more songs do people need to hear
about tight lit fleek yas queens?
About a million
This is one huge F.U. you to my ex
I hope your life's a wreck
And that you burn in heck
You might be saying hey if you've moved on
You wouldn't have written this whole song
And made a video
Nah, screw that do the clappin'
Sassy finger waggin'
Add cleavage for the flappin'
Shove ads in, nice wagon
And I invited models and some former viners
Actual Party
At least partly
Brought my gay army
They're mad corny
There's Paris Hilton, wait is she still a thing?
Hot tub time machine went to 2003
Celebrity party
They're all tardy
Was that Tom Hardy?
Not hardly
Got Jamie Foxx cus we runnin' this town
He's just here to ask us to keep the noise down
My shrink told me to pay you no attention
I wrote this song to mention
You're so not my obsession
It's not like I have a voodoo doll of you
That I stick hot forks into
How's your neck feel?
And the grass under me is astro turf
Cus L.A. is a desert
Where nothing grows or matures
And no I'm not looking for some hair of yours
To use for a gypsy curse
Got more crack than an addict
That thong guy is the fattest
This party is the saddest
So I left in that lyft
But then they made me come right back
Because the song's not done
Bubble bath party
I just farted
Keep it hundo P
I also peed
Got my real friends here and we are dabbing
I didn't hire them from central casting
This song was for Barney
Fk Barney
I'm still mad you fired me
At age thirteen
I loved you
You loved me
You said that we were a happy family
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