Amadeus - Storm lyrics

Here I am in human form
In the oldest cage
My soul shall ride the wildest storm
To free the world from rage

At the first star gate the words will be spoken
We'll defeat her blood, the queen of lies

I was once a slave to greed
The gold dust filled my breath
And now I know that all Ra's breed
Are the same in death

And at the 13th gate the spell will be broken
Your sorrow, just like a flood, will blind her eyes

The golden crown will rise and heat the sand
Gods will soar and time will bend
Gates await for my mind to be free and my soul to transcend

Like a star you strike across the night
You heart will sail now through the light
The dawn will break and the gods are so sure that the king wins the fight

The venom's my blood I'm the queen of the Nile
Red are my hands and dark is the light in my eyes
Now my crown will turn to dust
I killed the king, his fate defied

So here we stand again, fear me!

The prophecy is true

My pharaoh the time has come obey the sun

And I don't believe in you

I'm the one who saw the truth

Your face is full of lies

I'm the one who saw the truth

And I don't believe in you
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