Amadeus - Legendary lyrics

Break sky, dang right, diggity-top dog
City sweep the parkin' lot, checkin' for cop cars
Crawl into the party stocked with bottles and Rockstars
Probly gonna show 'em first person they not hard

Scraface in the place, I got the copyright
I'm type Legendary, outshine my body type
Archetype rhyme(?) monsoon ripped for(?) the college night
Any off color location, you got it right

Midnight black is the shade my pen speaks in
Tuesday session sendin' letters to the weekend
Even my every mornin' bleed into the evenin'
Black magic, sleight of hand, clutch, then I'm leavin'

(Chorus - manCHILD)x2
It wasn't there but it's there tonight
It's not there, it disappear with a flare of light
It's like stare til you share but I swear it's right
Black Magic don't mark anywhere it like

Santana knew a bad girl, Black Magic
The davas dag nabbit, both the eyes have it
Dope when I'm at it, the ultramagnetic
We heard your group on, we poked and laughed at it

[Fred B]
My notebook's padded, still a punchline
Addict for the crunch time, mash it on the one-time
Sat it on the bass line, help us to the sunshine
Write it til I get mine, turtle wax ax grind
This is fred rodrigo, that OG chico
That D-Town regal, microphone mag-lethal(?)

The gold torpedo, holy toledo
Hip-hop was dead, or at least they told people
No magic, (hey!), go black it out
No rapper be knowin' what they rap about
No thank ya' i'll David-freakin'-Blain ya doubt
You so old, yo, the Jedi mind-trick ya out!

[Fred B]
Walk a fixed route, dipped out, holdin' my hands out
Ya mashed out, punch drunk, leavin' them bodies(?) out
So stash out (??) leadin' the mic bout
Kasey birch Falco(?), bounce and then pass out

Please don't make me take ya shoes
Take ya name, take ya chain cuz ya always lose
And i promise, you don't want no part of that
It's PC back to back, how hard is that
And yo ya mind on the latest, said i'm the greatest
In a text message, ooh rock me Amadeus
Amadeus, rock me Amadeus

Black Magic don't mark anywhere it like

I'm a tragic figga
Magic marker spitta black tears out my plastic trigga
Drastic giver, make a felt-tip river
Melted in an inkjet, black, to the deliver my pain, your gain
Strainin' through ya vein of the Sharpie
My heartbeat bleedin' ya name
It's like I'm aidin' and abeddin' your quest for fame
Sweatin' yourself'll form a permanent stain
Ultra fine or extra bold
You can gain all of the fans and still lose your soul
I wanna be more than just somethin' ya hold
Cast a spell upon 'em when we put 'em under control

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