Adam Saleh - The Intro/Chapter II (Debut Album) lyrics

Oh Yea, I Like This, Ladies & Gentlemen
The Time You All Been Waitin For
(Lets Do It, Do It, Do It)
This Is A Bad Boy, Flipmode Collaboration
(Come On)
Shake Ya Ass (Come On), Watch Yourself (O.k)
I'm The Man (Lets Go) And No One Else
Raah, Raah
Like A Dungeon Dragon
Still King Of The Flow, While My Mink Be Draggin'
I Said I'm Sick With The Flow
Stick A Dick In Ya Hoe
Make Them Shut Down The Club, We Threw A Brick In Da Door
Shit, I'm The Number Man, Hot Like Summerjam
Slick Like Fonsareli, And Rich Like Cunningham
I Stretch Them Like Rubber Bands (I Make Them Say)
Oh Shit, The Bitch Got Up And Left With Another Man
(Saaay What!?, Wha Is You Talkin Bout?)
Theres Nothin To Talk About (See), You Just A Walk About
I Light A Long L, And Just Blowin The Smoke About
See, We Serious Wit It, They Aint Nothin To Talk About
And While I Scope It Out, I Love The Way You Bounce
Shake Ya Shit Tuck In Ya Ass In Poke It Out, Come On
Give Me The Henny, You Can Give Me The Cris
You Can Pass Me The Remi, But The Pass The Courvoisier
Give Me The Ass, You Could Give Me The Dough
You Can Give Me 'Dro, But Pass The Courvoisier
Give Me Some Money, You Can Give Me Some Cars
But You Can Give Me The Bitch Make Sure You Pass The Courvoisier
Give Me Some Shit, You Can Give Me The Cribs
You Can Give Me Whaever Just Pass The Courvoisier
We Got These Hoes Lovin It
They Gettin Familiar Man, They Screamin Out My Government (Sean John)
I Like Them In Twins Like Doublement (Don Juan)
We Be Bangin All Types Of Chicks
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